Tampa Cabinet Installation Professionals

Transform your kitchen with new cabinets and count on us to execute all of the details with your Tampa Cabinet Installation Professionals!


Tampa Cabinet Installation Professionals

Tampa Cabinet Installation Professionals

Q: Why should you choose to have it installed by McMillan Sons & Associates?


You’ve decided it’s time to build the kitchen you’ve been dreaming about. Whatever you’ve been imagining, McMillan Sons & Associate’s Kitchen Cabinet Installation Service can make it possible. More than that, it’s easy: Our hand-picked, authorized and licensed kitchen installation specialists will take care of everything, from installing your new kitchen cabinetry to connecting plumbing and electricity. We are your Tampa Cabinet Installation Professionals.

Q: The sheer number of kitchen cabinets styles is overwhelming. Where do I start?


A: It’s true – from sleek Slab designs to a casual Cape Cod vertical-paneled look or a more formal door style with Arch features – the choice in cabinetry is broad. There are also different materials to consider, from MDF to wood, and also finishes ranging from glazing to distressing. Take time and do your research: Start with McMillan Sons & Associate’s Buying Guide. It offers a wealth of information on all aspects pertaining to a kitchen renovation. Next, clip and save pages from décor magazines of kitchens you love – they’ll help you explain exactly what you want once you’re ready to begin your project.

Q: How much should I budget for cabinetry in my overall kitchen renovation costs?


A: Kitchen cabinets can account for more than 30 percent of the cost of your entire renovation project, but there is a wide range of options to choose from at McMillan Sons & Associate’s to suit all budgets. As Tampa Cabinet Installation Professionals, we offer a stock program of cabinetry, which includes traditional, transitional and contemporary styles. There are also semi-custom cabinets in a mid-price range; they require a longer lead time for delivery. Lastly, our custom kitchen cabinets, which is constructed by hand to suit the unique specifications of your kitchen, is offered at the more expensive end of the cabinetry range given its superlative quality materials and construction features.


Q: I want my new kitchen to be timeless but also unique. How can I add a personal touch to simple cabinets?


A: There are many ways to individualize your new kitchen, from carefully chosen pulls and hinges to mouldings and columns. The installation of various drawer and cabinet inserts and accessories will also help create a customized kitchen that suits your specific needs and budget.

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